Isn’t it funny how ideas and dreams take over?

Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Top Notch Contracting MN

How fantasizing about your ultimate kitchen and bathroom can outrun reality? The fixtures, colors, textures, and end design are all fully realized to perfection in your mind. The trouble is, the renovation may seem like it will have to live there forever—in your dreams.

You may be surprised how realistic (and doable) your amazing ideas actually are. Your new kitchen and bathroom are always within your power and your budget—your dream just needs a little help.

That’s where we come in…

Why Us?

We believe in 5 core values that guide everything we do. For every project. Every time.


Our goal is to consistently under promise and over-deliver for our clients. Our people, tools, and results will be there for you.

  Although, remodeling projects are full of ups, downs, and compromises, we pledge to take no action without explaining our reasoning and consulting with you beforehand.



Good things happen when minds come together. Home remodeling requires a contractor’s experience as much as the guiding vision of our clients. This free-flow of ideas is essential for completing projects both you–and we–can be proud of.

What good is making your dream a reality if it falls apart after the first dinner party or family get-together? Dreams should last. Our bathrooms and kitchens do just that, and make lasting impressions along the way.



We hold ourselves to very high standards. No matter your timeframe or budget, TNC provides the same level of quality service across the board. Your satisfaction is our business.

Our Commitment

This home remodeling project is your dream, but it shouldn’t have to run on faith alone. Top Notch Contracting’s hard work and expertise will turn your vision into reality.

 We don’t look good if YOU don’t look good!

It is very relieving to know that if we ever have work that needs to be done in the future, we have access to a great contractor and never have to worry about finding another. Top Notch has earned our business for life and I would refer them to any family or friends that need work on their house.  read our ultimate compliment


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